Rental Policy

Your rental bike will be available for pickup at the opening of business on the date you selected. Bike Rentals are for 24 hrs and all bikes must be returned by close of business on your last rental day. Please contact us if you will not be able to return the bike on time. If you need an early pickup or late drop off, please let us know ahead of time. 

We work endlessly to keep our website accurate, however with that said please understand the following. The specs of the rental bikes listed on our webpage may change without notice. However, the style will remain accurate based on your reservation, i.e. you rented a Hardtail Mountain Bike, you are guaranteed a Hardtail Mountain Bike. This disclaimer primarily relates to component manufactures. 

All of our rental bikes are in brand new condition as of March 2022. Please call or email us if you have any questions.

All of our rentals include a high-quality helmet that has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. The manufacture of the helmet may vary but we generally use SCOTT or FOX Racing.

All of our rental bikes have flat pedals.

It is our policy that every renter sign the following rental agreement. Please see the "Rental Agreement" section of our webpage to complete this agreement. 


Biker's Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the Biker-Borrower to comply with the following:

1. It shall be the responsibility of the Biker to not ride on any lake or leave unsheltered on precipitous environments. Biker shall not ride a rental bike in any low light or dark conditions.
2. Biker shall comply with all traffic laws and other regulations at all times.
3. Biker is not allowed to replace or substitute any parts or portion of the bicycle.
4. Biker is not required nor recommended to clean the bicycle prior to returning the said bicycle.
5. Biker is required to maintain proper responsibility in the use of the bicycle. Biker shall assume for any and all liabilities, damage, loss to property, or injury related to the rent and use of the bicycle.
6. Biker is not allowed to sublease the bicycle rented with us.
7. Biker is required to return the bicycle at the agreed upon date and time, as noted in our rental policy, or pay additional fees.
8. Biker shall wear an activity appropriate helmet at all times while riding the bicycle. Biker understands that the rental helmet provided by KC Outdoors is not intended or certified for "DownHill" use.
9. Biker shall report all damage upon returning the bicycle. Biker is responsible for any damage sustained to the bike.
10. Biker shall transport the bike on a properly designed rack or other device.

Assumption of Risk

I hereby declare that I understand and accept that risk that renting a bicycle or riding a bike has a high risk of exposure to many hazards and accidents which may lead to damage to property, physical injury, illness, or death. I further declare that I am in good physical health and capable of participating in the physical activity of riding a bicycle.

I hereby assume all risk of physical injury or loss of life that may cause me or loss or physical damage to the properties that may be involved arising from an accident out of the bicycle I rent. I fully understand the inherent risk involved and I accept full responsibility for any and all damage or injury for which it may result into.

Release Waiver

I hereby release, quitclaim, and forever discharge Shannon Hampton LLC dba KC Outdoors, its agents, ocers, representatives, and employees from any and all liability or claims of illness, injury, loss or damage to property, or death resulting from my activity in renting a bicycle from them, this includes riding or transporting a bike rented from them as well as my use of a helmet provided by them.

I understand that Shannon Hampton LLC dba KC Outdoors, its agents, ocers, representatives, and employees cannot be held liable for any exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

I have fully and carefully read this agreement and have been afforded the opportunity to ask for clarifications with regard to any information that is unclear to me and by which was answered to my satisfaction. I am executing this agreement freely and voluntarily with full knowledge and understanding of the consequences this may incur.